Friday, November 21, 2008

Rod Hall Running Again

After an hour of downtime, the Team HUMMER crew was able to reach the #760 H3 SUV, make repairs, and get underway with Mike Winkel behind the wheel. In spite of the quick repair, Winkel is about 50 miles down to the leader as darkness falls in Northern Baja. The H3 is currently running in 4th place but after considerable downtime to replace some suspension parts, the 3rd place #761 Ford driven by Steve Kovach is only 14 miles ahead of Winkel. I'll put a clock on them to see if Winkel is making up any time on the competition.

Josh Hall is in the lead in the #863 Team HUMMER H2 SUT with only 4 miles between him and his brother Chad in the #861 H3 Alpha. Closing in gradually is Kent Kroeker in the # 862 Dodge, with about five miles separating him and the 2nd place Chad Hall. Back at the Check Point (RM 140) Kroeker was about 8 miles back so he seems to be running a slightly faster pace then Chad. On the other hand, Josh seems to be holding on to his 9 mile advantage over the big Dodge.

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