Saturday, November 22, 2008

Early Morning Problems

As of 5:34 this morning, Chad Hall, in the #861 H2 Alpha, is at RM 582 and continues to lead in the Stock-Full Class over Kent Kroeker in the #862 Dodge, who appears to be parked on the side of the road at RM 560, giving Chad his biggest lead of the day. Josh Hall, who has been fighting problems with his front suspension in his #863 H2 SUT, broke an idler arm at 3:30 AM near race-mile 420. He managed to get it repaired in about 25 minutes and get back in the race in time to barely hold a one-mile lead over Clyde Stacy, in the #779 Dodge Ram. Currently he is running in third position at RM 460 with a 33 mile lead over Stacy.

As of 5:56 AM, Gavin Skilton is holding the lead at RM 562 in the Honda but Ryan Millen is reeling him in and is only a mile or two behind him in the Toyota FJ Cruiser. Mike Winkel, back at the wheel of the #760 Team HUMMER H3 SUV, had a couple of flats between Check Points #4 and #5, which slowed him down just a bit. Currently he is at race-mile 507 in third place and running well, now that he has two new spares on the truck.


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