Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Good, The Bad and the Unknown

Well, here's what I know as of 1:05 AM. In the Stock-Mini Class, The #779 Honda Ridgeline is in the lead at RM 412. Ryan MIllen's #762 Toyota FJ Cruiser has stopped at their pit at race-mile 400. The rear of the Toyota is jacked up and the rear suspension appears to have sustained some serious damage from the "whooops" leading up to the pit area. The Millens have brought in some service vehicles and it looks as if #762 may be in the pit for awhile. Mike Winkel is running well at RM 365 and closing in on second place.

In the Stock-Full race Chad Hall is at RM 447 and continues to lead in the #861 Team HUMMER SUV by 14 miles over the #862 Dodge. Josh Hall, who was gaining ground in the H2 SUT, suddenly came to a halt a RM 360 and due to his remote location, we cannot reach the race-car or crew by phone or radio. An appropriate service vehicle has been dispatched to establish contact so we can determine the extent of the problem and I'll report those findings as soon as I hear back from the team.



Bess said...

Excellent, I have complete confidence in everyone.

Rod Hall Racing said...

They are the best crew in off-road racing...