Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Terrible's @ PRIMM Results

This weekend, Chad Hall ran Terrible's @ PRIMM in Class 10 with co-pilot Thad Stump.  The course was a three-lap 250 mile course just outside of Las Vegas.  The event was divided into two races with the faster classes running second.  Class 10 ran in the second grouping that included unlimited 7 trucks, 1500, Class 8, Class 1 and Trick Trucks.

Chad ran the first two laps and started in 10th position.  The first lap went smooth and Chad was running in 2nd place.  On lap two, he bent a wheel and had a flat.  Lost the power steering near the end of the lap before handing it to Johnny.  Harrah had a trouble free lap and brought it home for 4th place in class and 38th unofficially overall.

Chad noted, "the car is really fast and we are ready to win."  The team will have the chance at the next race, the Vegas to Reno 1000 mile stage race - August 19-23rd.  Check out the "new and improved" BITD.com for more info.  

Have questions for our team?  Send them to info@rodhallracing.com and we'll answer them on our blog.