Friday, November 21, 2008

Josh Hall Back in the Race

As of 9:45 PM. the #863 Team HUMMER H2 SUT is back in the race and running better than ever according to the pit crew at BFG Pit #2 (RM 282). Apparently, two bolts that fixed the right-side motor mount to the frame came loose and fell out, allowing the engine to rock from side to side. This movement caused the intake manifold to contact the engine support tubing, cracking the manifold. By 8:45 PM, after spending almost an hour finding something to use to support the engine in the frame, Hall and Chief Mechanic, Sam Cothrun were able to get it under power again and limped the H2 into the BFG pit, some 20 miles up the road. Once in the pit the crew was able to epoxy the intake manifold and install the proper bolts into the motor mount to secure the engine and fix the vacuum leak. #863 is currently 70 miles down to the leader, Chad Hall in the #861 H3 Alpha. With nothing to lose, you can rest assured that Josh will put the hammer down and make every attempt to get to the front in the next 300 miles.

In other news, Mike Winkel in the 760 H3 SUV is currently at race-mile 273, about 5 miles behind the third place #761 Ford driven by Steve Kovach. The H3 is currently 70 miles behind the leaders Ryan Millen in the #762 Toyota FJ Cruiser and Gavin Skilton in the #779 Honda Ridgeline, who are running neck and neck for the lead.


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Bess said...

well... that's a crazy story.

I heard there could be mist or fog on the course tonight, is that true?

Have you any news of the silt beds?

Thanks so much!