Monday, September 15, 2008

Team Profile - Sam Cothrun of SamCo Fabrication

Sam Cothrun has been passionate about off-roading and off-road racing since he bought his 1972 Bronco at the age of 14.  Honing his skills in welding, he rebuilt the vehicle and went on to work at Complete Truck and Four-Wheel Drive in 1997.  Shortly thereafter, he went to work at Rod Hall International in repair, design and fabrication.  He began co-driving with Rod in 2002.

Also in 2002, Sam stepped up and started SamCo Fabrication.  Operating out of a 1,800 sq. foot shop, his first customer was Rod Hall Racing.  Today, the new shop - located in Sparks, Nevada - is an impressive 11,000 sq. feet.  Sam and his crew race prep the H2 SUT and H2 and he co-drives for Josh Hall.  Cothrun is always professional and meticulous - but keeps it fun. When not working, we're sure Sam spends his time pumping his four-year old daughter up to race trophy trucks when she is old enough to see over the steering wheel.

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