Saturday, September 27, 2008

Race Post #3

Josh just left Pit 4 and picked up a load of fuel. His Iritrack is still down, but the Rick G. just reported that he has an approximate fifteen minute lead. Chad is still running hard with Sunderland and appears to be leading. In terms of the overall race, Josh is currently the first production truck and Chad is running in second. Rod pulled in to Pit 3 - thirty seconds behind Falkowsky, picked up a load of fuel and switched drivers with Mike Winkel. We just got word that Rod's truck is at mile 140 and in the lead.

Rod noted the silt was much worse than he expected and had to go to low range 4-wheel drive to get around a group of stuck vehicles. From the start to Pit 3, the course was "fast but the dust was so bad that it was difficult to pass." Mike is currently on a section of course headed to Pit 4 that climbs a mountain through a tight pine forest, littered with tight turns and big cliffs.

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