Saturday, September 27, 2008

Race Post #4

3:40 - We have an update from Thad Stump regarding Josh. He is approximately ten miles out of Pit 6 and has a substantial lead. Josh made an unexpected stop at Pit 3 with a repair to the stabilizer bar link. So his crew shortened his stop at Pit 4. Co-Driver Sam Cothrun has requested a quick stop at Pit 6 to look the rear suspension over due to a suspicious noise. The #8111's lead is large enough they feel comfortable taking the stop.

At Pit 5, Chad was two minutes ahead of Sunderland. He will be stopping for fuel at Pit 6. Currently, the team is calculating just how much fuel is needed to finish while paying special attention to the shortest stop possible to ensure Chad doesn't give up the lead.

Mike Winkel in #3111 encountered a deep silt bed shortly after Pit 3. Currently, Falkowsky is in the lead by approximately 10 miles, but Winkel is a fast, smooth driver and I'm sure he's completely focused on reeling him in.

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