Saturday, September 27, 2008

Race Post #5

5:30 - CONGRATULATIONS TO JOSH HALL AND SAM COTHRUN! Josh just crossed the finish line and captured the 8100 class win.

Chad Hall became hung up at approximately RM 204 in what some reports cited as a water crossing or ditch. Unfortunately, the front differential was blown so Chad limped in to Pit 6 for an assessment. Sunderland has gained significant time and is closing in on RM 280. Apparently, Chad has left the pit and is back up to speed. We'll be getting an update momentarily from the pit boss.

Mike Winkel and Jake Povey in #3111 had been closing the gap between #3101 but passed Falkowsky when he got stuck in the same location as Chad. At this point, Falkowsky is moving again, but Winkel has a substantial lead!

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