Friday, August 22, 2008


At 10:00 PM, Chad Hall in the #4111 H3 SUT passed through the Top Gun Pit at race-mile 375 leading his class by 57 miles and running well. His older brother, Josh, was 3 miles back in the #8111 H2 SUT and leading the #8102 Ford V-10 pick-up by 31 miles. The team of Rod Hall/Mike Winkel, with Winkel at the wheel of the #3111 H3 SUV was at race-mile 305 with a lead of 11 miles over the #3101 Ford. Emily Miller is running well but is back at race-mile 238.

I doubt Emily weighs much more than 110 lbs but she has the Bulldog-like tenacity which is a requirement for anyone who chooses to drive the entire distance of the Vegas to Reno race in an 8000 Lb H2 even when everything is going well. The night wears on you and the longer you are out on the course the stranger it becomes. Shapes in the night become un-likely hallucinations jumping out at you like images from your worst nightmare and it's times like this that mistakes can happen...But Emily is tough!

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Bess said...

These lights are pretty cool. I think I need them for my car.

Emily is running with Hella lights, she is in a good juju H2, and she is with Jake Povey. She is going to prevail.