Friday, August 22, 2008


Chad Hall in the #4111 H3 Alpha and Josh Hall in the #8111 H2 SUT are in sight of each other on the course. Of more importance, since they are team members, is the fact that Chad is first in Class over #4101, Sunderland, by 32 miles and Josh is 19 miles in front of Greg Foutz in #8102 and holding the lead in class 8100. Mike Winkel driving the #3111 H3 SUV has extended his lead over Falkowsky in #3101 to 6 miles. Chad and Josh are currently at race-mile 311 and Mike Winkel is at race-mile 276. Emily Miller is still running in the #4110 H2 SUV and is approaching race-mile 200.

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Bess said...

I'm staying awake for the Emily and Jake team to make it in. Come on Ironwoman! Yes!

Thanks for the updates, btw, I hope you are always able to do this race blog. It's awesome.