Friday, August 22, 2008


Rod Hall is at race-mile 178 approaching Pit#6, where he is scheduled to let Mike Winkel take over behind the wheel of the #3111 H3 SUV. Mike Falkowsky is at race-mile 176 in the #3101 Ford and has no plans to stop for a driver change so once Mike gets in and the #3111 is back in the race, the two class 3100 trucks should be running neck and neck. Riding with Mike is his brother, Rob Winkel.

Emily Miller has the #4110 H2 SUV back in the race and is currently in third place at race-mile 115. John Sunderland in the #4101 is holding onto second place at race-mile 200, about 85 miles in front of Miller but thirty miles behind Chad Hall who is in the lead at race-mile 230 in the H3 Alpha.

Josh Hall is at race-mile 225 and continues to hold the lead in the #8111 H2 SUT with 22 miles between him and the second place #8102 Ford driven by Greg Foutz. #8110 and #8131, both leading early in the race, have fallen back to race-mile 178 and are dueling each other for third place. We are still only half-way through the race, or less if you are Rod, and a lot can happen once the sun goes down. Chad, in the H3 Alpha, is now only five miles in front of Josh in the H2 SUT. 

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Bess said...

Horray, horray, horray! Go Team Hummer!