Saturday, August 23, 2008


Saturday Morning at 5:26, Emily Miller brought the #4110 H2 SUV across the line in Dayton taking a third place finish for Team HUMMER. More importantly, Emily finished one of the most grueling events in all of off-road racing and did it in great style after spending 16 hours, 44 minutes out on the course at an average speed of 28 MPH...Great job, Emily.

We would like to thank all of our sponsors without whose products none of this race, or any other, would have been possible: HUMMER, for the best truck in the world and all the support of the guys at the GM Proving Ground, BFGoodrich, which gave us no flats, Hella Lights for lighting the way through the darkness of the night, Fox Shox, which kept all of our trucks going in the right direction, MasterCraft Seats, for the comfortable ride, TIFCO Fasteners, for holding everything together, for keeping us in designer wear, Mile Marker Wenches for being there, just in case 4-Wheel Drive wasn't enough, Hydra-Matic for the great transmissions, Sign-Pros, who does all of our lettering, Off Road Warehouse for all the misc. stuff it takes to build these race cars and of course...The Checkers!

Good Night from Reno...

George R. Thompson


Bess said...

Yes! That was awesome. Emily is my new hero. She kept going all through the night despite the setback with the shock. I can only imagine the adventure!

Good job on the other wins too.

Thanks for the great story George Thompson. I hope you do this for all the races.

Venture Crew 35 said...

I was in Weeks pit when she rolled through, and at the finish when she crossed the line. She was pushing it pretty good. And Chad, well we had a radar gun in Millers pit. He tore through there doing 87. Fastest speed out of anyone through there when I was at that pit.