Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Australasian Safari Update #4

10:45am Wednesday 29 July (local time)

We’re here!  After 36 hours of travel, including stops in L.A., Melbourne and Adelaide, it was a pleasure to step out of the airport in Perth to link up with Greg Knowles and Josh Ogg.  His lifted H2 out in the parking lot was our clue they were there.  From the airport, we stopped at Henley Saab/Hummer where our H3 was waiting for us.  Thanks to Nick Richards (US Hummer Marketing) and his counter-parts in Australia, they have provided us with a Solar Flare H3 to use in the event as our primary support vehicle.

After some rest we are now down at the Race Torque race shop where Ogg is finishing up the UHF radio installation and Greg is completing the Monit rally computer and M.D. map reader electrical install.  I’m glad that’s not my job!  Jason is also installing all of the camera equipment inside the truck.  So at the moment, it’s a full house around the truck.

In the next few minutes, Stump and I are heading to the mobile Safari HQ, which is located at the Ascot Racecourse near Perth, to finally meet Justin Hunt and his Octagon staff.  According to Justin, that is to be the second thing we do today.

It really is great to be here!  I’ll update this evening after we know what Justin has in mind for us.  

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Anonymous said...

Yeah that's all well and good, but how's the beer mate? Ive heard it's kangaroo piss!