Friday, July 24, 2009

Australasian Safari - Post #3

The team is down to a few days now before the event kicks off. Seven to be exact. Our prep man, Josh Ogg, arrived in Perth a few hours ago and was greeted in Aussie style by Greg Knowles, the race truck owner and key team member. As neither one knew the other, Greg greeted Josh with a hastily created VIP sign as the crowd deplaned. Once in hand, both were off to the port of Freemantle to pick up the race truck in Greg’s H2. While the Australian Customs process has been a bit frustrating for Greg, the good news is that most of our items have finally been cleared and are ready to be removed from the port. After a little rest, Josh has a list of items that must be accomplished to the race truck in order to comply with the Confederation of Australian Motorsports (CAMS) safety requirements. Once at the race shop, I will update the progress of that list.

My friend Wes Richie – a combat veteran U.S. Navy SEAL - and his company, EXSTA® Advanced Hydration, will be partnering with us for this event to create a stronger competitive package. I used EXSTA® at the last Baja 1000 and will it will in my daily supply of water in the race truck. Hydration and nutrition is a key component to long, back-to-back race days. Check out and look for it on our website soon.

The truck is there, the team is complete and even our shirts our done. Justin Hunt authorized us to be able to reproduce the Australasian Safari Rally logo on our team shirts for this year. So with the help of George Thompson our Safari Edition shirts and hats will complete our team appearance. We even look like a team!

All for now, but expect more to follow soon!

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