Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Australasian Safari Update #2 - from Josh

It's a little over three weeks away from the Safari and a few more details are ironed out. The race truck arrived in Perth over the weekend and now is on it's way to Freemantle on the western shore of the continent. The container is on schedule to arrive by the 11th and will then start the customs process. The race producer, Octagon, and Austorient have both been extremely effecient at helping us through
this process.

Our all important crew has been finalized as well. Josh Ogg (our SamCo prep guru) arrives in Perth on the 26th to start the final touches on the H2 SUT -"Tigger" as we refer to "him" in the shop.

I will arrive on the 28th with navigator Thad Stump and Jason Jacopian - our go to video pro.

Race truck owner Greg Knowles has lined up two additional Aussies to help with the cause. Daniel Villanova and Graham Jones both have extensive experience with Greg in the Australian Rally Championship and are a welcome addition to the team.

Add in the experience of Rod Hall and the talent of Emily Miller and our team is complete.

There are plenty of additional irons in the fire, so as those items become concrete, I will share that information as well.

All for now.

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