Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Chad Hall Racing the Silver State 300

This weekend - Saturday the 24th - Chad Hall will jump back into the Torchmate 7200 Ford Ranger - #7231 - to compete in the annual BITD Silver State 300. While race headquarters are in Las Vegas, the race promises to be not only a great course but a scenic one.  The route runs trhough the Pahroc Summit, Dalamar Valley, Cathedral Gorge and Caliente.  Although these names will be unknown to most of us, these are sites of amazing rock formations and serious mining history form the 1800's. As off-road racers, we race on the most beautiful course.

But enough about the scenery.  There are 15 trucks in the 7200 class alone this year and the competition will be tough.  However, Chad noted the truck was ready to race and he feels it is capable of the win. Since Parker, the front suspension has been reworked and the truck has a new engine with 500hp @ 7000 rpm.

You can follow the action live via Iritrack by clicking HERE.

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