Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Parker 425 - Recap

The Parker 425 was a three lap race this year and Chad Hall described it as surprisingly rough.  The youngest Hall was running Torchmate's 7200 class Ford Ranger in a field of 24 trucks.  Hall was 9th off the line, but was running in third when he passed the truck off to DOR Greg Jones at the midway point through the second lap.  Approximately 30 miles into Greg's run, the truck lost oil pressure and they lost the engine.  Chad believed the connecting rod broke.

Hall had tested the truck last week and is eager to work with the Torchmate crew to continue shock testing and tuning which he believes will make the Ranger a true top competitor.  The next race for Hall and the Torchmate mini-trick truck will be the Mint 400 - March 27th in Las Vegas.