Saturday, May 31, 2008


The #861 Team HUMMER H2 SUT has had some sort of electrical problem at race-mile 195 and is driving out to highway 5 to rendezvous with chase vehicles. I am waiting to hear exactly what the problem is and will pass that info on as soon as I know more, Meanwhile, Chad Hall in the #862 H3 Alpha has taken over the lead and has just passed through Pit #2 at RM 206 with a 30 mile lead on John Griffin in the #860 Ford F-350. Griffin is making up time on the leader, however, but there's still a lot of racing left to the finish. Conditions on the course are dry, dusty and tough putting a lot of entries on the trailer early in the race. 

Rod Hall is about 15 miles back in the #760 Team HUMMER H3 SUV. Hall currently has a 52 mile lead on the #762 Toyota FJ and is running very well. Unfortunately, the trucks are in a very desolate area and no-one seems to know where the Honda Ridgeline is because his tracking device is not functioning. So Rod is in first or second but, either way, it's a close race. Just how close will soon be revealed as they are about to pass through BFG Pit #2.

More news as it develops...   

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