Saturday, May 31, 2008


To say that it is a challenging proposition to locate a spot in this town to blog, uninterrupted, would be a huge understatement, at best. Long story short, after taking a break for dinner, I returned to the quiet hotel lobby I had been working from, to find a huge crowd and no place to set-up. After an exhaustive search, I managed to locate a bar with a wireless connection fast enough to be useful, a plug for my charger and a place to sit...directly opposite the band, which sounded like rejects from an early audition of American Idol, only louder! Anyway here we are and much has changed since my last post.

Chad Hall is currently at RM 402 in the #862 Team HUMMER H3 Alpha having increased his lead over the second place # 860 Ford F-350 Pickup to more than 100 miles. According to reports I received from the crew, the alpha gradually added to the 40+ mile lead he had at RM 200 when the Ford was forced to stop to repair the power train somewhere short of RM 300. At last report, #860 was at RM 307. 

Mike Winkel drove the #760 H3 SUV right by the #779 Honda Ridgeline while they were stopped in BFG Pit #3 apparently fixing a broken trailing arm. The H3 was is currently at race-mile 385 and the second place Honda still at RM 305. 

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