Saturday, November 21, 2009

Chad Hall named unofficial winner of the Baja 1000!

At 10:52 this morning Chad Hall was named the unofficial winner for the Baja 1000 Stock Full Class! With a neck to neck race Chad remained calm and got the job done being the sole driver of the H3 for the full 672.85 miles.

The Stock Mini truck has been brought back in the race as well for a solid run by Emily Miller. We had a chance to touch base with Emily when she got out of the car, "I never felt tired and it was a clean run with great pace. I did my best to take care of the steering and I am confident that Mike Winkle will continue to catch up the lost time."

Currently Stock Mini #761 is 32 minutes behind the Honda Ridgline team and 3.5 minutes behind the Toyota team. "We are still in this!"

Congratulation to the entire Rod Hall Stock Full team, updates to follow about Stock Mini.

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StellaR said...

Exciting... Congratz Chad & Team!