Saturday, February 7, 2009

Parker 425 - Update # 2

It's tough to stare at #1055 , see the MPH remain at zero and wonder what is happening.  But Josh just phoned in -- It's raining hard in Parker, and unfortunately Chad and Thad are stuck at Main Pit working to fix #1055.  At race mile 131, the shift lever broke at the transmission.  They were able to manually engage second gear and limp it in.  The rain started at 11:30 and now at 1 pm, it is still coming down hard.  The plan is to get the fix, hand the car off to Johnny at Graham Well and finish the race and get the points.  Best of luck to the team! 

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StellaR said...

oh! I was just looking at satellite images of this big rainstorm in the southwest... good luck Number 1 race team!