Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Thad is the engineering liaison between Team HUMMER and General Motors. He has a long history with GM in new product development both on the car and truck side of the business. Duties with the Team are wide ranging including oversight of the construction of new race trucks, development and testing as well as copiloting in the H2 and H3 racers. Thad provides the link back to GM that ensures the lessons learned are considered and incorporated in future General Motors products.

On the personal side, Thad lives in Gilbert, AZ with his wife and two of his five children that haven’t yet flown the coop. Outside of the support for Team HUMMER a lot of his time is devoted serving as an elected member of the governing board for the 37,000 student Gilbert Unified School District. When given the chance, Thad likes to spend time with his family camping, hiking or just traveling to new places. He has been known to sneak into the woods with sharp sticks in search of the great Wapiti.

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