Sunday, June 1, 2008


Mike Winkel crossed the finish line at 1:07 AM in Rod Hall's H3 SUV tonight after the duo spent over 14 hours on the course to win the Stock-Mini Class in the Tecate/SCORE Baja 500. The #760 H3 beat every production class vehicle, except Chad Hall's H3 Alpha but, more importantly, Hall's 18th Baja 500 win moved Rod Hall into sole possession of the record for Baja 500 wins over Ivan "Ironman" Stewart. The two had previously been tied for wins at 17 each.

Rod Hall now holds the record for most Baja 500 wins at 18 and the most Baja 1000 wins at 19. Rod hopes to move the Baja 1000 record to an even 20 wins later this year but, no matter the outcome of that race, it is unlikely that anyone will challenge Hall's amazing record of Baja race wins for quite a few years, if ever.

The H3's victory is the second win of the day for Rod Hall Racing and Team HUMMER. The combination of HUMMER and Rod Hall has proved to be the most formidable team in off-road racing, particularly in Baja!

Goodnight from Baja California...


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